Comprehensive Cleaning Solutions for the Area’s Largest Jobs

Complete Facility Management

Our goal when dealing with any client is to assess their needs and deliver as required. We strive to operate as independently as possible. That means working to maintain the standards of safety, health, and sanitation you set for us. Below, you’ll see just some of the reasons why clients put their trust in Oxford.

Daily communication summaries

Monthly and weekly inspections

Restocking of all restroom supplies.

Fully compliant with state and federal standards

EPA-Approved disinfectants and cleaning products

Advanced Airport Services

Airports may be big, but it only takes one small wrench in the works to negatively impact operations. At Oxford, we strive to help you maximize productivity and efficiency at all times. That means providing consistent services that enhance the experience of your employees and your customers. Here are just a reason why the biggest clients benefit from a partnership with Oxford:

The Latest Cleaning Technology

Passengers want to be wowed by the cleanliness of airport facilities. At Oxford, we can help you live up to these high standards. That’s why we employ cutting-edge cleaning technology that results in a long-lasting, reliable clean.